The introvert ideal

by introvertsuccess

I had a realisation recently about the extent to which I’ve been indoctrinated in to the ‘extrovert ideal’ paradigm.

I’ve been thinking about how to progress in my work.

The standard path is to move in to a management position.

Taking on a leadership position, managing people etc.

Which in practice means more meetings, more talking, more time and energy wasted on admin and busy work.

For a time I believed that was just part of being an adult and developing a career.

But then I thought about the achievements that I’m most proud of and that satisfy my authentic self.

All those things I achieved on my own. No meetings, no discussions, no team-work.

Just me in a room working on the projects from start to completion.

And the results made me immensely proud and brought me positive responses from around the world.

So why do I feel like I need to become a rounded personality and live up to an ideal when all that does is waste my precious time?

Time that I could be spending on producing more outstanding work.

I should be focusing my energy on becoming the best introvert I can be in stead of trying to be a poor extrovert.