Balance your interests and activities

by introvertsuccess

You only have a certain amount of hours in the week to dedicate to interests outside of your work.

So you need to take time to think about your hobbies and interests and how they affect the overall balance of energy you feel throughout the week.

Consider which activities drain your energy and which leave you recharged.

And also consider which activities give you both or complement each other in some way.

Over the years I’ve evaluated everything I do to get the maximum benefits.

I know I need to do activities that help increase my knowledge, feed my need for creativity, allow me to exercises and socialise while not completely draining me.

An example of set of activities that give me all of these could be:

1. Rock climbing: Exercise + alone time, but also the opportunity to meet and socialise with other rock climbers if you choose to.

2. Reading: Increasing knowledge + alone time to recharge.

3. Stand up comedy: Being creative, requires practice at home but also has an element where you need to go out and perform.

Learn to manage your energy and focus it on activities that help you cover all the areas of your life that you want to engage in.